Reclaimed Bricks



We have a wide variety of reclaimed bricks available which are hand cleaned and palleted in packs of 500 before delivery. We are also able to offer a brick Matching Service to meet your requirements. 


Our range of bricks include the following:

  •     Yellow Stocks
  •     Red Stocks
  •     Multi Stocks
  •     Red Rubbers
  •     Gaunts
  •     Wire Cuts
  •     Luton Grey


We are also interested in buying reclaimed bricks and we pay the best prices for the right products, please visit our Sell To Us section for more details or Contact Us.


Reclaimed Paviours



Our range of Staffordshire Blue Paviours include:


  • Two Block Paviours
  • Four Block Paviours
  • Eight Block Paviours
  • Diamond Paviours